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Find and take advantage of energy savings potential in drive technology: Customer- and sector-specific energy consulting helps you find the right strategy at the right time, whether for existing or new systems.

Energy efficiency, sustainability and reaching specified climate protection goals are becoming more and more important in many sectors. Energy costs can constitute up to 90% of the lifetime costs of systems that have not been optimised.

How energy efficient a solution is doesn't depend solely on the drive components used. Ongoing analysis and consulting also have a decisive impact. This is why our energy efficiency specialists conduct a customised and complete check of your drive systems as well as your applications. They make sure that all possible energy-saving factors are identified and implemented consistently. This is what makes energy consulting the central service in our effiDRIVE® energy efficiency concept. It is based on a sophisticated analysis concept with practical tools.

Our energy consulting will help your company stay competitive. It helps you reduce CO2 emissions while also pointing the way as part of climate protection and a sophisticated sustainability aspect.

We offer you a custom solution profile for your energy management in four steps:

Overview of energy consulting services

1. Basic consulting

effiDRIVE® basic consulting provides a comprehensive energy efficiency service package. Being in direct contact with your effiDRIVE® energy consultant will allow you to set the focus in advance. But we also give you the option of familiarising yourself first with the topic of energy efficiency before meeting with our specialists for consulting. We provide various support tools to do this.

Your benefit: You will quickly gain an extensive and detailed overview of the topics of energy efficiency, general legal regulations and technical options.

  • Basic knowledge of modern energy management and the individual components in the effiDRIVE® modular energy efficiency system
  • Qualified basic consulting in regard to all relevant legal and standardised regulations for your specific sector
  • Consistent identification of energy savings potential and options using practical calculation examples and reference projects

Your benefits

Energy savings calculator to quickly determine potential

Our free software tool, theenergy savings calculator, lets you very easily calculate yourself how much energy you can save by using our energy-efficient motors. With the click of a mouse, you can perform energy comparison calculations between standard motors (IE1 = standard efficiency) and energy-efficient motors (IE2 = high efficiency, IE3 = premium efficiency). The energy comparison calculation is based on your customer data, such as operating time, motor utilisation and power costs. This lets you find out how quickly your investment in more energy-efficient drive technology will pay for itself.

Energy consumption analysis in the SEW-EURODRIVE Workbench configuration tool

Our SEW-EURODRIVE experts and our customers have another resource in the form of a special function in the SEW-EURODRIVE Workbench configuration tool : the energy consumption analysis. The resulting energy report includes the complete energy consumption for your specific application and the planned drive train. This gives you the basis for choosing the most energy-efficient drive technology for you.

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