Keypads for inverters

Keypads for the MOVITRAC® B and MOVIDRIVE® B inverters make your job easier, whether you are working on startup, diagnostics or status displays. Your quick, easy and convenient on-site alternative to the PC!

Being able send commands to the relevant drive components directly at the machine or system, with no need to start up a notepad or to access the central controller, must be a logical step forward?

It certainly is for SEW-EURODRIVE. This is because our drive electronics have corresponding keypads which, as an option, can be easily plugged into the MOVITRAC® B or MOVIDRIVE® inverters. This adds real flexibility when using the operator terminal. The basic FBG11B keypad complies with IP degree of protection IP20 and the DBG11B keypad also complies with IP40.

And if there are reasons for mounting the keypads close to the motor, e.g. in the control cabinet door, then implementation is also straightforward. We also offer relevant housing in IP degree of protection IP65.

These keypads are indispensable for quick, simple and direct operation and monitoring of process sequences on-site. See for yourself how quickly and conveniently you can view your process values and status displays; set, change or transfer parameters; secure data and rectify error messages.

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