K series helical-bevel gear units

Thanks to their long maintenance-free operating life and their wear-free gearing, our helical-bevel gear units are – technically speaking – economical right-angle gear units. Their high level of efficiency, however, makes them real energy savers.

Right-angle gear units at their best: high degree of efficiency and gearing with high fatigue strength

K series helical-bevel gear units
The figure shows a gearmotor with a helical-bevel gear unit
The figure shows a gearmotor with a helical-bevel gear unit

The compact design of all our gear units is most obvious in our helical-bevel gear units. This property is particularly interesting, for example, for machine applications with limited space available. Here, you need powerful drive technology with a compact design. This is just the right environment for our helical-bevel gear units with a torque range from 80 to 50,000 Nm.

With their high efficiency in both directions of rotation and at any input speed, these right-angle gear units are very energy-efficient. Their high-endurance gearing is wear-free and lasts a gear unit's lifetime. For precise positioning tasks, you can use the K series gear units with reduced backlash.

in our portfolio: sizes K..39 and K..49 complete our range of two-stage helical-bevel gear units. They set the standards together with sizes K..19 and K..29: four sizes allow for torques from 80 Nm to 500 Nm.

Only half the solution without a motor? Then use our modular concept and combine the gear units of the K series with an AC motor to a K..DR.. helical-bevel gearmotor, or with a servomotor to a K..CMP helical-bevel servo gearmotor of your choice. Or simply choose the separate AC motor or servomotor that meets your requirements.

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Your benefits

  • More cost efficiency

    over the entire service life due to wear-free gearing and a long, maintenance-free operating life.
  • High performance

    in a compact design offered by 16 sizes with torque ratings between 80 Nm to 50,000 Nm.
  • More energy efficiency

    due to the high efficiency degree in both directions of rotation and at any input speed.
  • Real lightweights

    are the K..19 and K..29 sizes as their housing is made of aluminium.


Helical-bevel gear units (two and three stages)

  • High efficiency
  • Gearing with high fatigue strength
  • Long, maintenance-free operating life
  • Can be combined with our complete motor portfolio

Sizes K..37 to K..187 (three stages)

  • Double gear units for very small output speed also available
  • Reduced backlash variant
  • Available variants:
    • Foot- or flange-mounted
    • B5 or B14 flange-mounted
    • Solid shaft or hollow shaft
    • Hollow shaft with keyed connection, shrink disk, splined hollow shaft, or TorqLOC®

Sizes K..19, K..29 and K..39, K..49 (two stages)

  • Low-loss, two-stage design with a high gearing efficiency of over 90%
  • The aluminium housing of sizes K..19 and K..29 makes them particularly lightweight
  • Sizes K..39 and K..49 are particularly sturdy and torsionally stiff due to the gray-cast iron housing
  • Three base strips ensure an optimum connection to the customer machine even in critical mounting situations
  • Available variants:
    • Foot- or B5 flange-mounted
    • Solid shaft or hollow shaft
    • Hollow shaft with keyed connection or shrink disk or TorqLOC® hollow shaft mounting system

Technical data

K series / sizes 37 / 47 / 57 / 67 / 77 / 87 / 97 / 107 / 127 / 157 / 167 / 187 (three stages)

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Gear unit ratio i 3.98 – 197.37
Double gear unit reduction ratio i 94 – 32 625
Max. output torque Nm 200 – 50 000
Motor power range (Mounting via AM motor adapter) kW 0.12 – 200
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K series / sizes 19 / 29 / 39 / 49 (two stages)

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  K..19 K..29 K..39 K..49
Gear unit ratio i 4.50 – 58.68 3.19 -71.93 2.81 – 58.24 4.0 – 75.20
Max. output torque Nm 80 130 300 500
Motor power range (Mounting via AM motor adapter) kW 0.12 -1.1 0.12 – 2.2 0.12 – 4.0 0.12 – 7.5
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Areas of application

  • Pallet conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Hoists and lifting stations
  • Scissor lift tables
  • Freight elevators
  • Travel and hoist drives in stacker cranes

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